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Educating or Imprisoning the Spirit: Lessons From Ancient Egypt
Public Schools, including low-income schools, have a tendency to brainwash children into becoming "de-humanized robots" due to the strict politics, as well as a curriculum who's main concern regards high test scores and numbers, rather then to actually teach children how to make decisions for themselves. It is a real wonder these children have any integrity left at all?

The authors of the article, Paula and Lisa offer a whole new teaching curriculum that would become effective for any public school's interest. The methods they use in their teaching environment stem from the classical civilization of the Ancient Egyptians, and their Ma'at value system. This system revolves around the concepts of truth, justice, harmony, balance, order, reciprocity, and righteousness. The point of this system was to teach an individual to feel the need to become educated, or want to achieve, as oppose to feeling manipulated into doing something that is suppose to be done. Children in public schools who had not previously experienced this system felt as though school was a prison-like situation where the students were constantly dictated and had no emotional connection with their teachers. The Ma'at system would eliminate this mind set by creating a bonding experience within a class room as well as give students their will to learn. When punishment became an issue, the Ma'at system believed in excluding the student creating the incident by disconnecting them from all classroom activity and discussion.

The Ma'at system was a great system that taught children the necessary skills that would later be used in real life scenarios such as relationships, individual growth, and integrity of a group. This value system should be used in all school settings whether public, private, or home-schooling. If teachers and students could develop a deeper understanding of one another, and why both parties are present, there would be more thirst for knowledge on the students part and more motivation to teach on the teachers part. In American life, education is such a great aspect of future success, a career, and over-all happiness. If the values of the Ma'at system would make a world of difference to the majority of students by giving school a new reputation as a place of comfort, understanding, and the development of decision making.


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