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The IWW vs. The KKK + Minutemen Stalk Their Prey
The I.W.W. versus The KKK

The I.W.W. or nicknamed "The Wobblies," were an organized group of progressive minded workers who disagreed with the corrupt system of employers from large businesses, and their unfair ways of treating labor workers. The Wobblies made up of a diverse group of people including, white Americans, Japanese, Mexicans, and Filipinos, all fought together regardless of race. These Unions created meetings where they would express their freedom of speech, and exercise their non-violence resistance. Employers, primarily in the upper-class and middle-class stature, were furious about these Unions. The Wobblies were extremely determined, persistent, and courageous through all of the physical and emotional obstacles they encountered. Employers, cops, doctors, lawyers, even priests were breaking up the Union strikes by beating up Wobblie members, throwing them in jail, writing nasty articles in the paper about them, and trying to convince America that these Unions were not patriotic, or Un-American. Even people who were not directly in the Unions, but had bias view toward the progressive side, where heavily punished, such as newspaper journalists. As the rioting continued, the Wobblies did not give in, and held their ground. In 1924, the Ku Klux Klan emerged brutally beating innocent people, breaking up meetings, and attacking the I.W.W. hall.

It really was no surprise at all to me that the wealthy business owners, as well as upper-middle class citizens were the individuals who were the most aggressive, stingy, money-hungry, and self-conscious about a ruined reputation for their businesses. The fact that they treated their labor workers so badly and used them like they were a machine rather than a human, with human emotions, is despicable. Labor workers had no medical help and were hardly allowed breaks when they were the ones, if anyone needed medical attention, should of been them. This also brings up another point that regardless of race, as we have been learning the privileges of race in class, fighting and corruption has caused fights between all types of people in America. In American we are so conscious of black racism due to slavery, which was a horrendous incident, that we forget the events that have occurred between other ethniciy's, such as the Japanese or the Filipinos. Not only other races, The Wobblies consisted of whites who fought white employers, but just the rights of people in general. When it comes down to it, all people are human, REGARDLESS ANYTHING ELSE! Everyone deserves the same opportunities.

I mean, we all have a working body, brain, emotions, feelings, a will, and heart! So come on. Human nature is so greedy and I feel as though the people with the most money tend to be the most greedy, where as people who have hardly anything, are always the ones who are willing to give to others because they have been there, they understand. Individuals with a lot of money, although should be the least concern about giving since they have so much, are so afraid to lose their money because they don't know any other way.

Terrorists on the Border: The Minutemen Stalk Their Prey

The Minutemen are a group, primarily made up of white retirees, middle-class, white-collar, military veterans, former cops, security guards, and other professionals, or once professionals, who are anti-immigrates and nationalists. These groups, tightly knit with the Ku Klux Klan and even Nazi party, are just another extremist group leaning far right. The Minutemen crave attention from the media by voicing their opinions and attempting to gain the governments approval. The Minutemen have designed border patrol groups all along the Mexican border, while claiming to be ALL anti-immigration, they could care less about the Canadian border's seventy-nine points of entry. The mind-set of the Minutemen is the "superior culture" of the native whites. By eliminating the illegal immigrants, and closing the borders all together, they are convincing the government and other activists that their will be a spike in economic growth for the U.S. citizens.

As I stated above from the "I.w.w. versus The KKK" article, the majority of the activists in these extremist groups are mainly made up of middle-class, and blue-collar whites who are completely afraid of any change what so ever happening to their economic stature. This resulting in the degrading of other ethnicity's, when they are the ones who brought in Japanese, Mexicans, and Filipinos in for cheap labor in the first place. Our American government has prov-en to be just as corrupt and condescending, as the motivation and reasoning of the Minutemen. Claiming you are strictly border-patrol, but then attracting media attention in order to make your way to the top and appeal to the government proves how money-hungry we really are. I thought we prided our self on being the land of the free? Prided our self upon diversity? Opportunity? Well if that is so then why are we so careless when it comes to any sharing our resources with other cultures such as medical centers and housing.