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Expanding the Definition of Privilege: The Concept of Social Privilege
Social privilege is defined in the article, "Concept of Social Privilege," as a relationship between privilege and oppression. Privilege meaning a special advantage, granted to an individual, and an entitlement related to a rank system. Oppression being an act of, "imposing on another" (pg. 245). Oppression could also be looked at as "selling out" to the group they originally belong to because they want to gain approval from the other more "privileged" group. Social privilege is the un-fair advantage a group gains by birth right alone. This could be demonstrated by ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disabilities, or religion. These privileged beings, typically white, straight, Americans may or may not be aware of the entitlement given to them due to denial or disinterest. Those who belong to the less privileged parties possess differing cultural values, beliefs, or behaviors that causes them to be looked upon as defiant of the norm. White Americans need to recognize their superiority, find awareness in racism, and reform themselves to create a new non-racist identity.

I agree for the most part with this article although I do believe that the majority of white Americans fall into the "disinterest" category rather then denial. This is because racism today clearly is not as large of an epidemic as earlier on in the 19th century. In American we are continuing to be more inclusive with other ethnicity's when it comes to educational, and career-related opportunities presented. Although there are definitely those who are still very much racist (located mostly south of the country), we have the racism issue a lot more under control in today's society then ever before. Call me one of those "in denial white Americans," but I do not see myself as being any more superior then any other ethnic being that was born and raised in America like myself. I do not depend on the color of my skin to get me a job, or help me do well in school. What I do rely on though is my personality traits, my initiative to get things done, motivation, and the respect and love I possess for all of my friends, family, and new people I meet.