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Deadly Lies
There are very drastic views regarding the diversity of public schools, both economical status as well as racial status play a large role. The Brown vs. Board of Education is referred to in the article which was the desegregation of public schools in America. Although schools claim to be desegregated, depending on the area the school is located and the type of students attending the school, there still remains a form of segregation. Schools typically located in "Middle-class" areas prove to offer more extra-curricular activities (dance, theater, sports, etc.), as well as have a different curriculum that would potentially be geared toward students more well-off. Other schools that may be located on the "inner-city" tend to have less outside school activities, as well as a curriculum consisting of strict order, "If you do what I tell you do do, how I tell you to do it, when I tell you to do it," (271) resembling a military type approach. As of right now, our public schools in America are being run by conservative, leaders who have no experience in the educating field, but rather are expertise in managing schools as business. On the other hand, we have the "do your own thing," (271) counterculture that believe in children developing a thirst for knowledge rather then being educated out of fear.

Although both very different approaches, I believe both parties must learn to meet in the middle. Although changes have been made in order to supplement the diversity in public schools such as "open enrollment" and other strategies to create an equal balance, segregation is still present. All that schools and teachers can do in the mean time is create an equal learning opportunity for all students of every ethnicity and economic stature, get to know students and understand their individual needs so that each student can learn in their own unique way. Public schools also must stop treating the school system like an organized business, and more as a place to support children and their learning needs. Finally, developing schools should be built smaller to create a more intimate, comfortable surrounding for students in all areas, regardless of class.


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