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White Niggers Have Feelings, Too
While the word "Nigger" is socially unacceptable in today's society, the term "Redneck" is used frequently to describe anywhere from someone being poor and white, to ignorant or an alcoholic. When the author researched the two terms and compared the definitions, the term "Redneck" was being used by the writer who wrote the definition where as the term "Nigger" was being quoted by someone else's usage. The racial conflict between blacks and whites proves over and over to be completely contradicting. In "Racial Etiquette," (21) no one is allowed to insult a group with which they do no belong. Although upper-class whites are allowed to degrade "Rednecks" by describing them as poor white trash, "If a black doctor seems embarrassed by a scrotum clutching gangsta rappers and sweat black preacher, he's branded a race traitor and a sellout. But if a white lawyer seems ashamed of ball-scratching hillbillies and sweaty white preachers, it's a perfectly understandable distaste," (22) this was one satirical example of the differences in racial perception. Equality includes all classes, this including the working white class. The author continues to express how people lump whites all into one category of upper-class, blue blooded, country clubbing yuppies. Blacks and working class whites will point the finger at each other when they were not destined to be enemies but manipulated by the upper-class whites. "If the niggers and the rednecks ever joined forces, they'd be unbeatable." (32)

The author then took us through his life obstacles and demonstrated the long line of hard-working, lower-class whites he had stemmed from. His father worked forty hour weeks because no one expected anymore of him, the author followed in the same footsteps of his father although with a different mind set. The perception of racism is an on-going issue in America, it is not only black Americans who come from an ancestry of misused labor, but white Americans endured "a cheap labor pool." (33) This article gave me a new mind-set on the perception of white racism, I never had really pondered on the difference of up-bringing between the working white class and the upper white class. As for all ethnicity's, humanity has struggled in some shape or form and until we stop dwelling in the past, we will not be able to reach our full potential, working in unison in the future.