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"Swat a Jap" + The Anti-Filipino Riots
"Swat a Jap"

When the Japanese immigrated to America, they started in Hawaii working on plantations. They gradually started moving in-land where they migrated to the West Coast in areas such as California. Soon enough the Japanese replaced the Chinese working on farms. The Japanese continuously demonstrated their great work-ethic, as well as developing the ability to stand for what they believe it. White American farmers grew resentful of the Japanese workers skill in farming. In May 1905 Korean and Japanese exclusion was organized which resulted in Japanese children being removed from schools and segregated with Chinese children. These exclusion laws made Japanese ineligible for U.S. citizenship and unable to own land. Anti-Japanese groups created organization that would boycott and attack the Japanese. Later on in 1942, when the United States and Japan were on negative terms due to Pearl Harbor, anyone of Japanese-Americans ancestry was taken from the West coast and placed in concentration camps.

It makes me feel extremely ashamed of my race to read these articles. White people have proved themselves over hundreds of years to be unethical and soul-less. Putting Japanese-Americans into concentration camps, African American slavery, Nazi Germany, these are all examples of the idea that White must undermine every other race in order to prove some sort of false superiority. I also do realize though that we have come along way in America from where we were, to where we are now. In this day and age we do not seem to take as extreme of measures as we did back in the 1940's and so on. Although the history still lingers in American life to this day, we pride our self on diversity although look at what it took to get there.

The Anti-Filipino Riots

Mexican and Filipino workers were brought to California after the exclusion of Japanese, due to their cheap labor and hard work ethic. Although the difference between Mexican and Filipino immigrants was the fact that Mexicans could be deported back to their home country where as Filipino's lacked a "mother-country," and the protection they could receive from one. As the article states, the Filipino's were "at the mercy of California's racist legislature and local government." The majority of the Filipino immigrant workers brought to the U.S. were young, single men. This created a large conflict because these young Filipino men were drawn to California's dance scene, and white American women. A "sexual hysteria" was in effect when white American men grew resentful of the Filipino men taking white American women to these dance halls. Fights broke out within the San Francisco area resulting in brutal beatings and even deaths.

I found this article to be very interesting, the fact that white men from "well-to-do families" were that bitter towards interracial dating blow my minds. It is crazy that the idea of a Filipino male just taking a white American female to a dance is looked so down upon. The issues that arose were handled at such an extreme level (fights, riots, etc.) because of the fact that Filipinos could not be deported such as the Mexicans. This effects American life because it shows how racist our country use to be even though to this day we pride our-self on being the most diverse nation. It shows me that we have not always been that way and it took a lot of time, pain, and suffering of other ethnicity's, for us to get to the point where we are now.


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